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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  August 19, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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owings mills saw the most so far. just over a half-inch. of course we're seeing just a trace in chestertown. so very widely. as far as the temperatures, we're in the lower to mid-70s across the region but feels with the humidity more like upper 70s. here's what it looks like for the next 12 hours -- 83 degrees by noon. a few thunderstorms and shores -- showers around, widely scattered but late this afternoon they will be widespread. so most of us will be seeing the thunderstorm. looking at a high of 89 degrees. let's check the roads with kim. as we look at the outer loop of the beltway at liberty road, you can see traffic is moving along without problems. a little bit of building volume on both loops us a make your way towards the route 70 interchange. the beltway is mostly incident free, no problems to let you know about at the tunnels. glenarm, harford road closed in both directions, between long green pike and factory road because of downed trees and wires. in pasadena, ritchie highway at
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route 10, traffic lights not working, police and sign boards in the intersection guiding traffic there. the inner loop at harford road, that earlier accident remains blocking the right shoulder so just use caution. the jfx at cold spring lane -- actually, this is north avenue, and traffic is moving along without problems. back to you. 6:01. how frustrating is this? the man knows it, county knows it, bge, fire department knows it, they all know it but it continues. linda so live with another carbon monoxide leak at cove village. >> reporter: cove village, like you said, is no stranger to emergency responders. they've been called to the apartments time and time again for carbon monoxide leaks and it happened again overnight. this is exclusive video shot by our pete "on the street" o'neal. it happened around midnight. a woman called 911 when the carbon monoxide detector in her unit went off while she was cooking. responders aid arrived, checked neighboring units, found levels high. a young couple and baby girl had to be taken to franklin
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square hospital after showing signs of possible carbon monoxide poisoning. cove village had ongoing c.o. problems over the years. in 2005 a family was killed. a month later nine people were hospitalized. and since then emergency crews have responded to cove village one too many times. management believes the problem is coming from faulty stoves and hot water heaters. last month many of the units got brand new ones but the problem continues and residents are angry and frustrated. >> i have children i'm trying to raise. i know they don't want to find me dead or i don't want to find them dead because of this. they need to address the problem correctly. >> reporter: since covering this story i talked to a number of people who live here at cove village who have moved out because of the ongoing c.o. issues. they say it's just not worth risking their lives for a problem that is taking too long to fix. we're live in essex, linda so, abc2 news. before the c.o.
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leak pete "on the street" o'neal was on this scene here. police are searching for the driver of an suv that hit and killed a man in baltimore county, happened before 11:00 on hammonds ferry road. witnesses say they found an unidentified man lying in the street there. and police say the man died there at the scene. neighbors help police in the eastern district arrested a suspect in an early morning shooting in east baltimore. sources say that a 52-year-old man was shot on homewood avenue around 1:00 this morning and witnesses led police right to the man that they say did it. the victim is expected to be ok. police in anne arundel county are now ruling the death of a 3-year-old boy a homicide. they say that charles brantley's caretaker took him to a hospital a week ago and said the boy had fallen down steps. staff at johns hopkins called police because the injuries were not consistent with falling down steps. the boy died five days an being hospitalized. the medical examiner ruled the
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death a homicide. no charges have been filed yet. police in prince george's county make an arrest in the double stabbing that we told you about in college park. police say 45-year-old roberto cruz of college park is now charged with second degree murder in the death of 28-year-old johnny gomez. they say that gomez and a 19-year-old were stabbed during a fight at a home on hollywood road in college park. the men then drove off to rhode island avenue where officers found them. cruz was found at the hospital after being treated for an injury. the other suspect is still recovering. a 76-year-old fisherman who is black, was beaten up by a group of guys, who are white. police are calling it a hate crime. abc2 news sherrie johnson reports on a long record from one of those that police picked up. >> reporter: that 76-year-old man is recovering this morning from a brutal beating, police say was racially motivated. 28-year-old calvin lockner was charged with a hate crime after he admitted to investigators he doesn't like african-americans.
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three months ago the convicted rapist was arrested for beating his wife for "associating with african-americans." police say lockner and two other white men in their mid to late 20s beat the elderly man with a baseball bat yesterday. the victim and his wife were fishing at fort armistead park near the francis scott key bridge. the suspects took off in the couple's suv but they were quickly located. lockner was arrested but his two friends escaped. the naacp sounded off about the hate crime. >> whether it's considered to be black on black crime, whether its considered to be hate crimes you about it's clear we must come together as a community. >> the naacp will hold a prayer vigil and rally on august 28th at the war memorial plaza. meanwhile, baltimore mayor sheila dixon says the attack on the elderly man is disturbing and praises police for capturing at least one suspect
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so quickly. police hope lockner will identify the other suspects very soon. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. finally, those who live at the mccolloh homes highrise in west baltimore finally got a nice sleep last night. the air conditioning is back on after being off four days. after calls from abc2 news the baltimore hosting authority went door to door to check on everybody who lives there. and they said they were not notified about the problem until saturday. because it was so hot, temperatures reaching into the 90s the community room was left open so people had had a place to cool down. officials say the ac was back up and working yesterday. a heads up if you live in harford county -- don't panic here. officials at the aberdeen proving grounds say the test center will be creating several loud explosions through the rest of the month and part of september . we're told residents can expect to hear and feel the explosions outside of the boundaries of the military installation. the tests are expected to create nonhazardous smoke and dust clouds in the area.
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the world of journalism lost another well known name. columnist and former cnn "crossfire" co-host robert novak died. he had a long battle with cancer. he had many controversies including identifying valerie plame in one of his columns. he was 78 years old. you have to look at this twice. an incredibly close call for a woman in sturgeon bay, wisconsin. that's her car. police say the bridge -- this is a drawbridge. it was up for a few minutes while the car was still on it. looks like it was glued to the top. the woman was at a 30-degree angle, stuck on one of the lifts and when the bridge finally did come back down the operator spoke briefly with the young woman who then just drove away. police say they need to find the woman to try to piece together what wept wrong. take a look. that's the car at the top there.
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the orioles can only lose 10 more games for the rest of the year, with any chance to having a winning record. since the all-star break the orioles are eight wins and 23 losses. jason gave up three home runs be -- as the tampa bay rays won. circle sunday, october 18th. that is when the ravens go to minnesota to face brett favre and the vikings. weeks of speculation became official as brett favre signed a two-year deal with minnesota. he then hit the practice field and says he feels right at home with his new teammates. >> he asked me after practice, he said traditionally we have the new guys talk about something unique about themselves. i said i'm brett from hattiesburg, mississippi and i was born in the 60s that kind
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of broke the ice. >> oh, i'm sorry. ok. favre played last season for the new york jets after spending some 16 years with the green bay packers. people all over the country are trying to capitalize on the saga of brett favre's retirement. the owner of a bar in milwaukee plans to start selling "what the favre," or brett who tee shirts and will start today, a sentiment many of us share. lance armstrong brought traffic to a standstill yesterday after issuing a twitter invitation for scottish cyclists to join him on a casual bike ride. armstrong wrote "who wants to go for a bike ride? ". 200 people showed up in the pouring rain to ride with the seven-time tour de france winner. armstrong told reporters he would compete in next year's ciewr after coming out of a three-year retirement. armstrong finished third in this year's tour. severe storms rolled right through our area knocking down trees and power lines. we're going to show you a close call for one woman who have
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trying just to get home from work. and why this country fan is now throwing out her kenny chesney albums. and plus, a burial plot that is selling on e-bay for more than $4 million. we're going to explain this plot. and why it's so special. we have fog around, otherwise pretty quiet. but a return with the storms and thunderstorms this afternoon. we'll talk more about it coming up. let's check the roads with kim. >> the outer loop at liberty road, traffic moving along smoothly and at speed with no delays at this time. we'll be right back after this.
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bud hamilton is a lucky guy. he didn't hit the lotto last night but a tree did hit his car. hamilton was driving along putty hill avenue at the height of last night's storm and watched as a tree came crashing down on his car. luckily the tree missed the roof of the vehicle but as you can see that is about all it missed. >> a little sooner or further along i think i would have hit the roof and i would have really been in trouble. >> the storm knocked out power to thousands of area homes. authorities are still trying to determine if lightning was the cause of a fire in middle river. here's meteorologist susan schrack now.
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>> thank you. good morning. we are off to a quiet start, thankfully but things will heat up again this afternoon. right now you can see temperatures at 73 degrees, relative humidity 96% and the wind is calm. may see a little patchy fog yet as you're out this morning. 73 philadelphia. 80 richmond. 77 norfolk. a little cooler in altoona, pennsylvania. high thin clouds around for the most part. all that stormy activity off the coast now but we have a trough over the mid-atlantic region. what that means is things are going to stay unsettled for us, not only today but as we head into tomorrow and into friday as well. so, a repeat of that thunderstorm activity for us this afternoon. you can see it coming back into the picture for thursday. then once again friday, especially as we head into the afternoon hours. friday in particular, things could get to the severe stage. so be aware of that. it's all because of this trough and then we have a front coming through for friday. that will bring us relief. the trough is sort annoying but
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it is going to save us somewhat. we have hurricane bill in the lotion. -- atlantic ocean. what will happen is the trough over our region will help steer the hurricane away from the coastline and hopefully prevent quite a bit of flooding and damage. category 4 now, it's a monster of a hurricane, winds of 130 miles per hour. gusts as high as 161. the track takes it -- the steering winds, towards the united states, our trough is going to help steer it towards the north and away from us towards the northeast. so, that is the plan now but again hurricanes often have a mind of their own. for today, 89 degrees, partly sunny, showers and storms around this afternoon. for the next seven days the first part of that forecast, you're going to see much the same pattern. into the weekend. then friday night we have a front coming through, it's going to make things cooler for us and drier. and hopefully end those thunderstorms so that by the time we hit the early part of next week we're looking at much nicer weather pattern and that is going to be a relief after all the hot muggies we've been
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experiencing for this week. let's check the roads with kim. >> as we check on the outer loop of the beltway you'll see the traffic moving along without problems on both loops of the beltway this morning. and that is the case as we look all around the beltway. same with the tunnels, no problems to let you know at either the fort mchenry tunnel or harbor tunnel. however, we did have trees and wires that have the intersection at harford road and long green pike, between factory road as well closed in both directions. try using bel air road as an alternate. in pasadena, ritchie highway at route 10, traffic lights still not working. expect to see anne arundel county police and sign posts in the intersection guiding traffic there. also getting reports of a crash, westbound route 70 at route 29. another crash in the city, falls road at cold spring lane. looking at the jfx, we see a little fog at northern parkway but traffic is moving without problems. this traffic report brought to you by the better business bureau. looking for a business you know you can trust? let the better business bureau
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do the work for you. log on to back to you. here he is, certified financial planner dale horn. the first question is from ed. he wants to know if i turn 70 1/2 this year and there are no required distributions for my ira when do i have to take the money out? also, are charitable donations still allowed for 2009? thanks, love ed. >> this is a simple answer, complicated explanation. the answer first. the answer is if you're turning 70 1/2 in this year, 2009, you have until the end of 2010 to take your first distribution. what is happening, an act was passed the ends of 2008, on december 23rd that enabled people who have ira's and over the age of 70 1/2 to not have to take out their mandatory distribution. when you turn 70 1/2 in a
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normal year you have to take money out. it's suspended this year so people can keep it in, let it grow and there are complicated measures just in the fact that if you're turning 70 1/2 in a year like this, not knowing whether you have to normally take it by april 1st -- forget all that, just remember, you don't have to take it until the ends of 2010. second question was charitable distrebbutions for an ira. this was an advantage if you had to take money out and you were not going to use it because you could take it out tax free, give to it a charity, it lost some lust they are year because you don't have to take money out but you can certainly still do it for 2009. here's a treat. word on the street, recession is over. >> everybody's talking about it. second quarter earnings have been good. what i would say about that, we're going to transition from bottom line growth to top line growth. what that means is a company is -- that is cost cutting created the profits so far. so layoffs, whether they are cutting down on factory costs, anything that is happening in
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the company is basically bottom line growth or profit growth. what we need to see now is top line growth which is sales, revenue. so we have not seen that in the second quarter. that's what we're looking for in the third and fourth quarter. that will be the real measure as to whether the consumer is back. >> so they've cut and now we have to see if they grow. >> we have to see if the profits can really take hold as revenue increases and sales obviously are driven by the consumer. >> thank you. dale horn with us every wednesday. our certified financial planner. do you want fries with that marriage license? there's a new way to get hitched that really fits with the nation's on the go attitude. and if you want to apply for less check out southwest. i know you're a flyer man. have you looked at some of the discounts that southwest is offering? first the latest in business news with vinita nair. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. topping your "moneyscope report" -- general motors putting recent troubles in the rear view mirror thanks to a
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spike in and in for "cash for clunkers." gm says it will increase production this year by 60,000 vehicles and bring back more than 1,300 laid off workers. the company is adding shifts and overtime but analysts warn it could still be a rough road ahead. >> i wouldn't pop all the champagne corks just yet. we'll see rocky business before we come out of this downturn because it is so deep. and so pervasive. >> even with this increase gm's output will be down almost 40% from last year. ford is working on solving one of the main challenges of electric vehicles. charging the batteries. ford says it's testing new technology that allows its cars to talk to power grids across the country and makes charging the batteries as cheap as easy as possible. ford plans to introduce an electric van next year and battery-powered focus in 2011. shares of hiewment packard are set to slide today after the company reported a nearly 20% drop in quarterly profit. the bottom line was hurt by
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slumping sales of printer ink and personal computers. ink sales have been hurt by cheaper generic brands while lower prices for pcs meant lower revenues. the company's stock is up 75% since march. snoot recession doesn't have craft brewers crying in their beers. sales of craft beers rose to 4.2 million barrels despite a drop in overall beer sales. many americans seem to be choosing high end beers over more expensive wines and spirits. coming up on "good morning america," new credit card rules go into effect tomorrow so what can you do to avoid sticker shock on your next bill. that's on gma. i'm vinita nair.
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good morning, i'm meteorologist susan schrack. things are much quieter for us to start off the day than they were overnight. that is for sure of we have nothing showing up on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. all the storms are off the coast now. off atlantic city and ocean city. so things are much better in our neck of the woods. as far as the rain that's left behind, anywhere from, say, .03, 3/100th inch in walkersville to more than a half-inch in owings mills. temperaturewise, we are in the low to mid-70s but feels like upper 70s to low 80s. so definitely going to be another warm and muggy one. the storms return in isolated areas by noon. more widespread this afternoon. a high of 89 degrees. let's check the roads with kim. >> as we check at the beltway we really don't have problems to let you know about, both loops of the beltway are running incident-free on the west side and also the east
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side as well. no problems to let you know about between whitemarsh boulevard and providence road. however, the route 70 interchange, westbound 70 there's a crash reported at route 29, so use caution there. also in the glenarm section of baltimore county, the intersection remains closed, harford road between long green pike and factory road closed in both directions because of downed trees and wires in the road. pasadena, ritchie highway at route 10, traffic lights remain on flash so use caution through that intersection. and in anne arundel county, eastbound route 100 at magothy bridge road, a crash reported there. in the city, falls road and cold spring lane, that accident remains on the scene. jfx at northern parkway here, no problems as you make your way southbound towards downtown. back to you. susan maidser used to be a big kenny chesney fan but not she's not so sure. she was in the front row of his massachusetts concert over the weekend, right?
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she was taping the show with her handheld video camera. that is when she said she had a problem with kenny chesney. >> he's like, you know, like a person away in front of me. he reaches down, grabs the camera, shuts it, throws down the thing -- down the walkway, the runway and puts it on stage. everybody around us, we're like, oh, my god, did he just like, take your camera? >> there you go. ---- looks a little like shah any quatwain. she got it back but it was all scratched up and holding the memory card that has a lot of pictures of her kids. kenny chesney's camp has returned phone calls. she should be a keith urban fan. keith urban is in verizon center tomorrow night. coming up next, we hear from the man being investigated for the death of michael
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jackson. a family is rushed to the hospital after yet another carbon monoxide leak at the cove village apartments. i'm linda so live in essex. that story up next.
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good morning. 6:29. i'm jamie costello on this wednesday, august 19th. weather and traffic in a moment but first the top headlines. >>


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